Chapter six

Day26 Friday 26th December. Boxing Day already and we are due at our friends home at 9am for a little trip, 140 kilometres to Siena, home to a famous Cathedral, horse racing around the huge ancient town’s “square” (piazzo and it’s fan shaped, not square) and other famous things I have not known or forgotten. … Read moreChapter six

Chapter five

Day21 Sunday 21st December. Did I mention the temperature? Just checked my new thermometer, which I placed outside the balcony doors last night. It’s 8am and the day has already warmed up to minus 1. Breakfast is forgettable, but the sky is blue, we have new gloves, scarves, 3 layers of clothing, beanies and coats. … Read moreChapter five

Chapter three

Day14 Sunday 14th Dec Siracusa to Agrigento It’s a beautiful day, mostly blue sky, a light breeze and a cheery 15 degrees. Siracusa, on the East Coast like Hobart is in Tasmania, seems very quiet this Sunday morning. Perhaps everyone is in one of the 18 churches, 1 cathedral, 1 basilica and one santuario (whatever … Read moreChapter three