House Sitting – A Fresh Start

A fresh start.  The calendar had just ticked over into 2015 so it seemed an appropriate time to purge the misery of the loss of the company and 28 years of toil. I had intended to commence by saying what a difference a year made but as the actual axe fall was 12th March 2014, as I write, barely 10 months has passed.

At the beginning of 2014 we were in the place most dreaded by those who have spent their lives in business, the prospect of losing everything. It’s now history that despite 38 years of success in business including the last 28 building one company, we lost it all, but during that harrowing time, when you see all your possessions taken from you, a surprising benefit shows itself which I will reveal shortly.

The positive side of being in business is the perception or should I say self-deception, that you are in control of your life. It’s true that in theory, you can decide when to open and close, when to work and when to play but the reality is the weight of responsibility, the expectations and the obligations can kill.

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