All Climate Scientists Agree

All climate scientists, thousands of them, agree the climate is changing. Several million other scientists agree with them. There is no dispute about that. Almost ALL of them believe, on the evidence thus far, that humans beings are the main cause and have published about 4500 scientific papers to that effect over the last decade or so, for scrutiny and for challenge by other scientists.

Currently sixty two scientists have seriously questioned either the speed of the change, the cause of the change or the effect of the change on the planet.

How To Be a Top Critical Thinker

The art of critical thinking. In our modern life, we are bombarded by vast amounts of data, far more than our genes prepared us for, so it is hardly surprising that the ability to think critically is one that needs to be learned.
Unlike computers, we humans are instinctive creatures and this allows us to grasp concepts without the need to check off every minuscule step in the sequence to a conclusion.

Our eyes are a demonstration of this phenomenon. Our brains ‘fill in the blanks’ after sampling a small percentage of the scene and then create a picture in our brains. The downside to this ability is missing important detail of what is in front of you and ignoring what the brain feels is not the main issue, instead creating a picture that ignores important aspects. The magician’s sleight of hand only fails when the brain has been alerted to the importance of other plainly visible moves.

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Insomnia Easy Fix

The trouble with most thoughts is they are so slippery and they seem to have a mind of their own too. They pop in and then disappear, only to pop back and interrupt when most inconvenient. The frequency of appearance is also a problem as some thoughts that are of no particular importance or urgency, can be those who are very good at getting your attention.
Taming your thoughts is the best way to get life in order and the best way to tame them is to tie the little buggers up.

The Pondering Frog

Tasmania is the smallest state in Australia, tiny in fact, only about the size of Portugal or Hungary and by Australian standards, that’s pretty small. How the little palace selling ice cream by the side of a modest country road in the middle of winter came to be called ‘The Pondering Frog’ is a mystery I never solved, but there were a lot of them. Frogs I mean.
Never did find out which one was the ‘Ponderer’ and what he was pondering. Perhaps it was why he was so bloody cold, that’s if he wasn’t a she and she was pondering, but I suspect that if it was indeed, she, she would have been pondering the same deep and meaningful question. I know I was.
One nomenclature possibility, I suspect is that someone likes frogs for the same reason that I like frogs. Any creature that joins a large group in a warm moist place to sing about sex has to be a likable creature.