You Have No Birthday – You Have Been Dead – Many Times

What happens after you die? Lots. It just doesn’t involve you. In any case, you should know, you’ve done it before. In fact, you will probably die within 24 hours. Again. By the way, that birthday you celebrate each year? It’s a fake. You d – No Troubleon’t actually have a birthday and despite what you may believe, you did not even exist until several years after your body was born. You are the sum total of your self-awareness and your self-awareness is the sum total of the activity between the connections inside your head.
The number and pattern of these connections determines your intelligence and personality and has nothing to do with your body, which is largely just a complex automatic system.

Is ‘Moral Compass’ a Rubbish Idea?

For many people, the idea that we have been given a moral compass by a deity that shows us the difference between right and wrong is an attractive one. For that one third of the human population that makes up the Christian – Muslim – Judea versions, morality has been handed down in recent history, the last 2000 years or so.
By default, for the preceding 200,000 years, possibly 300,000 years, humans had no sense of family, loyalty or other positive attribute and we killed and raped and plundered indiscriminately.
If the deity was the creator of the earth and mankind, that means the deity watched with little interest for hundreds of thousands of years and then, just recently, in the last 1% or less, of that time, decided to intervene.
Depending on which of the aforementioned religions one subscribes to, this intervention was either causing itself to arrive on the planet in the normal way, by birth as a son of the deity and arranging for this son to be tortured and killed for our sins or as a prophet in direct contact with the deity but still suffering the same fate. Not a lot of logic going on here.

Australian Aboriginal Facts and Fallacies

There is wide range of views about aboriginals in Australia with one extreme believing they are given preferential treatment for everything and those, at the other end, who believe they are all aboriginals are victims who desperately need help and fair treatment.
Neither view is accurate.

Fake News – Sharing Lies

When he offered to share the location of this bonanza with his fellow tribe-folk (although the spears may have been an encouraging factor) he was amazed to discover his newly found popularity. He was now so much in demand that he was soon the father of many little tribe-folk. Having passed on this tidbit of information to said little tribe-folk, within a few generations it became common for others to see the gratifying benefit of this newly found willingness to share information. AND the idea there are ‘good’ carbs and ‘bad’ carbs’ is complete nonsense. The fact is there are three types of carbohydrate. The first two, sugar and starch, are only distinguished by the speed of take up in the body. Fibre is essentially indigestible so it is irrelevant unless you are a termite.
When trying to re-establish normal weight, it’s also good idea to only use a little of those healthy fresh foods that have naturally have a particularly high sugar content.

How Your Opinions Are Formed Without Your Consent

There are two opposite methods of forming an opinion and most of us use both, but with a strong leaning one way or the other. The most common method, the ‘natural’ method if you like, is when we use what we see, hear and feel. Those who use only their senses are at one end and we could reasonably call this a ‘senser’ one who uses his or her five senses almost exclusively and generally accepts the validity of the ‘sixth sense’ or intuition.
The second common method is the attention to facts variety, one who will only look at proven facts, established and repeatable evidence and has no room for opinions on any subject that cannot be substantiated with evidence. We would reasonably call this person a ‘rationalist’.
Most people are in the middle, leaning one way or the other.

Evolution Is Just A Theory. So The Speed Of Light Is Wrong.

This poses an enormous risk to nuclear power plants world-wide which could undergo melt down at any moment.
Nuclear weapons could likewise spontaneously explode. If the earth is only a few thousand years old, we need to shut down all nuclear related activities and remove global positioning from all aircraft and that’s just for starters.
Light must be able to go much faster at times and at any moment we could lose access to all our technology, mobile phones, computers and global positioning would collapse.

Social Anxiety Quick Fix

Understanding something gives you a chance to control it. You can’t control what you don’t understand so it pays to have a little insight into the instincts of mankind.
We evolved from ancestors who lived in small groups and tribes in which you became good at social rules or you died. We inherited some basic instincts that helped our ancestors survive, so you derived from men and women who were good at playing the social survival game. Don’t think for a moment that you don’t already have the equipment to play the game well. Your grandparents a hundred times removed, gave you good genes for this event.

How To Be a Top Critical Thinker

The art of critical thinking. In our modern life, we are bombarded by vast amounts of data, far more than our genes prepared us for, so it is hardly surprising that the ability to think critically is one that needs to be learned.
Unlike computers, we humans are instinctive creatures and this allows us to grasp concepts without the need to check off every minuscule step in the sequence to a conclusion.

Our eyes are a demonstration of this phenomenon. Our brains ‘fill in the blanks’ after sampling a small percentage of the scene and then create a picture in our brains. The downside to this ability is missing important detail of what is in front of you and ignoring what the brain feels is not the main issue, instead creating a picture that ignores important aspects. The magician’s sleight of hand only fails when the brain has been alerted to the importance of other plainly visible moves.

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