Insomnia Easy Fix

The trouble with most thoughts is they are so slippery and they seem to have a mind of their own too. They pop in and then disappear, only to pop back and interrupt when most inconvenient. The frequency of appearance is also a problem as some thoughts that are of no particular importance or urgency, can be those who are very good at getting your attention.
Taming your thoughts is the best way to get life in order and the best way to tame them is to tie the little buggers up.

What ISIS Really Wants

In 1741, a Muslim ‘scholar’ Abd al-Wahhab got himself thrown out of his home town for reviving a 400 year old extreme puritanical view of his fellow Muslims. He found a refuge and formed an alliance with the chief of an agricultural community, owned by the Saud tribe. Over two centuries, they were to turn that viralent and puritanical strain of Islam into a weapon that laid the foundation for regional power and later into stability insurance for Western oil interests. That weapon, Wahhabism, is both a method of control and a danger to those who assume the mantle of supreme authority.

Spiritual But Not Religious

Most people who claim to feel spirituality, cannot describe more than the symptoms as they occur in themselves. Beyond that, in terms of what it is, the definition or description and of course, a rational explanation of its origin, one just gets a blank look or vague examples of mundane decisions for which ‘spiritualism’ is determined as the cause or guiding ‘force’.
The question is, why do so many people sense there is more than ‘just’ the physical world? (As if that, in all its incredible scope and diversity were not enough.)

Job Advice Easy Fix

Get a Job in 7 Days
I’ll bet you are looking for a job because you need money. Even though you KNOW you don’t really want a job, you KNOW that getting money is the goal, off you go looking for a job instead of looking for money. Now be honest, that’s a bit dumb isn’t it?
Why do you want a job? If the answer is “money” are you saying that getting a job is the ONLY legal way to get money? That statement is clearly not true because there are plenty of people who never get a job and live happy and productive lives. I am one of those, almost, I did get a couple of jobs when I was very young, but not in the last 40 years.

This is where I think many people create unnecessary stress for themselves and waste a lot of productive time trying to achieve the wrong goal.
Getting a job is not the goal, getting paid is the goal. Making money is the goal.

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