Fake News – Sharing Lies

When he offered to share the location of this bonanza with his fellow tribe-folk (although the spears may have been an encouraging factor) he was amazed to discover his newly found popularity. He was now so much in demand that he was soon the father of many little tribe-folk. Having passed on this tidbit of information to said little tribe-folk, within a few generations it became common for others to see the gratifying benefit of this newly found willingness to share information. AND the idea there are ‘good’ carbs and ‘bad’ carbs’ is complete nonsense. The fact is there are three types of carbohydrate. The first two, sugar and starch, are only distinguished by the speed of take up in the body. Fibre is essentially indigestible so it is irrelevant unless you are a termite.
When trying to re-establish normal weight, it’s also good idea to only use a little of those healthy fresh foods that have naturally have a particularly high sugar content.