How To Be a Top Critical Thinker

The art of critical thinking. In our modern life, we are bombarded by vast amounts of data, far more than our genes prepared us for, so it is hardly surprising that the ability to think critically is one that needs to be learned.
Unlike computers, we humans are instinctive creatures and this allows us to grasp concepts without the need to check off every minuscule step in the sequence to a conclusion.

Our eyes are a demonstration of this phenomenon. Our brains ‘fill in the blanks’ after sampling a small percentage of the scene and then create a picture in our brains. The downside to this ability is missing important detail of what is in front of you and ignoring what the brain feels is not the main issue, instead creating a picture that ignores important aspects. The magician’s sleight of hand only fails when the brain has been alerted to the importance of other plainly visible moves.

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Spiritual But Not Religious

Most people who claim to feel spirituality, cannot describe more than the symptoms as they occur in themselves. Beyond that, in terms of what it is, the definition or description and of course, a rational explanation of its origin, one just gets a blank look or vague examples of mundane decisions for which ‘spiritualism’ is determined as the cause or guiding ‘force’.
The question is, why do so many people sense there is more than ‘just’ the physical world? (As if that, in all its incredible scope and diversity were not enough.)