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Get a Job in 7 Days
I’ll bet you are looking for a job because you need money. Even though you KNOW you don’t really want a job, you KNOW that getting money is the goal, off you go looking for a job instead of looking for money. Now be honest, that’s a bit dumb isn’t it?
Why do you want a job? If the answer is “money” are you saying that getting a job is the ONLY legal way to get money? That statement is clearly not true because there are plenty of people who never get a job and live happy and productive lives. I am one of those, almost, I did get a couple of jobs when I was very young, but not in the last 40 years.

This is where I think many people create unnecessary stress for themselves and waste a lot of productive time trying to achieve the wrong goal.
Getting a job is not the goal, getting paid is the goal. Making money is the goal.

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