The Biggest Stingray Ever

The biggest stingray. It was a little sad to leave our new friends Arthur and Olive. The last 5 weeks of our Travel Australia house-sitting had been a lot of fun. We expected to enjoy their company and we were not disappointed. While we may be separated by a generation, we will miss Olive’s cheery if not necessarily musically uplifting singing and Arthur’s friendly “paper boy” when he brings in the papers every morning.

Bruce and Diane were almost recovered from the jet lag and they were there so see us off on another adventure, Bruce champing at the bit to get on the ‘ride-on’ mower and frustrated by the rain. I was pleased too that Bruce was keen to get a Diary of The Universe poster for his grandson who is teenaged and interested in science.

I had managed to complete the research and publish another article (link opens in a new window) … How to Make a Galaxy…but the task is enormous, 300 essays. Fortunately I still have nearly two years to reach my self-imposed and overly optimistic finish line.

The run South East from Bowral, even at this late hour (after 10am) engendered the feeling of excitement that all ‘going-on-holidays’ moments bring, a sense of adventure and joy that I doubt we will ever lose. It had been raining on and off all morning which had become normal over the last few weeks but I’m not sure if that is standard issue for Bowral at this end time of the summer season.

bowral to batesman

Within half an hour we were plunging down the range into Kangaroo Valley. This is not a difficult drive but in the rain with a ton of trailer, as I described it before, a cross between a blue heeler and a rhino, relentlessly trying to pass us like it was a race to the bottom, let’s just say it was ‘interesting’.

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